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a new arm of aai ; aaimuseum

We've been working closely with institutions and private corporations on their special projects for years; housing special 3-D objects; designing, fabricating and installing plinths and vitrine cases for their collection.

With great honour,  we are now beginning to work closely with some of Alberta's top museum designers and their special collections that specific housings for showcasing and displaying their acquisitions.

Here, earlier this week - Laboratory beginnings with our Trilobite display for our new clients at the Earth Sciences Department at the University of Alberta.

Each of these specimens; ancient trilobites - there are 109 of them - are catalogued, inventoried and marked-out for final arrangement and placement.

Each specimen is handled with the greatest of care;  jeweller's precision nd apatience as we bend and morph our bezel arms [( banding) made in-house ]; carefully securing and clasping each trilobite.

Most of these ancient fossils are between 360 to 535 million years old and are not casts, but original.

Always being mindful, contemplative, respectful and dutiful on assignment. Whether its artwork from family vacation in China to handling 400 million year old trilobites; they're all treasures to us.

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