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A Collection is nothing but a visual tale and path of one's Life.

- Henry Geldzahler, Chief Curator, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Family Photo Wall


A family photo wall is the centre of attention in any home. A fantastic wall of personal photography inspires you to take a few moments out of every day to relive great memories and feel connected to loved ones. It's a conversation piece for guests as they ooh and aah over your wonderful photos and interesting experiences.


Alberta Art Installation can help you create a beautiful and engaging family photo wall with minimal effort on your part. Just sort through your photos, and have them ready for us at our pre-arranged meeting and we'll do the rest. Or, for some clients you may want to bring your selection to our beautiful Studio on the West end of the City. We can even create high quality prints on a variety of papers should you want to enlarge or reduce works for compositional lay-out. We can help you choose from our great selection of bespoke frames to unite and enhance your collection.


When all is done, we'll arrive at your home to install a one-of-a-kind arrangement which reflects your personal taste and style.








We Curate, Arrange + Install

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