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Plinths, Sculpture and Placements


Not all art work is the same, which is why at Alberta Art Installation we're as diverse at our services & offerings as you are with your Art.                  We love challenges.

Edmonton Eskimo
Plinths + Mounts

We present your items in the best and safest way imagineable without obstruction or clutter to the item you want to showcase. We can make the plinth from any species of wood;  stain it to any colour and any lustre you want.  Solid colours in a durable lacquer are also available. When all is done, we transport the work in clean shipping blankets to protect against scuffs or dents. We install, plumb, level and secure the base so you're assured of  your work's saftey, security & presentation.

Plinth Construction and Plexi construction by Alberta Art Installation
Plexi Boxes

Our Plexi-boxes are custom made in-house at our Studio in Edmonton's West-End. The boxes are made from our best gauged clear-lucite offering protection against dust, moisture and possible theft & or tampering of your artwork or items. We offer a bottle of special lucite cleaner with each project to ensure that the life of the box is well maintained and kept crystal clear, enhancing your Collection for a long long time.

Conservation and Restoration of original Royal Glenora Club plaque by Cyndie Lack Painting Conservatory Studio, Edmonton
Relief Plinths 
Martha Cole is represented in Edmonton by the Scott Gallery

As with most projects, every single one is different and unique like your artwork and is treated as such. We collaborate with you, your interior designer, or your architect to ensure the best fit for your project. Initial consultations are free and our in-house designer will work side by side with you and our Studio partner to construct the perfect mount for your object, painting or other artistic works.

We offer Security Hangers which provide a relatively quick and inexpensive way to deter theft and tampering when artwork is located in public space or common area. They're ideal for schools, hotels, condominium lobbies, hospitals, etc. A special security wrench with instructions can be left, so works can be changed when you wish to switch-them-up.

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