Although it seems it should be the simplest part of decorating your office, waiting room or building, hanging artwork can be more compicated than choosing the artwork itself. This is especially true if you have multiple pieces to hang upon one wall, hallway or within a room.

We come to your office with fresh eyes, new ideas and perspective to help you curate, organize, sort and arrange your collection. We arrive with a clean & well equipped tool box with up-to-date hanging systems and pride ourselves on providing prompt, courteous and professional installers, to assure when we leave your project the artwork is properly hung and secure.


When required, we also offer Security Hangers which provide a relatively quick and inexpensive way to deter theft and tampering when artwork is located in public space or common area. They are ideal for condominium lobbies, schools, hospitals, restaurants, etc.  A special wrench is given to each client when these secutity hangers are installed.

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