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Corporate Art

Fine Art Consultants

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Corporate Art can be a daunting process for many offices and departments. Using a specialized Fine Art Consultant with knowledge and expertise in both art and in design is critical to a successful project. A Fine Art Consultant will ensure the highest quality and ingenuity of artwork for your project. A.A.I 's Fine Art Consultant has extensive international networks with artists, curators, galleries and other art organizations to help select the best artist and artwork for your project.


Selecting the right artist and artwork for your project is a process. There are several different approaches to selecting the artist and artwork. We will have an initial meeting with you and your design team or Operations manager to help determine the approach best suited to your project. Different firms have different art requirements and we can work with you to ensure all obligations are fulfilled.





The Guiding Principles Alberta Art Installation uses in the selection of your Firm's Collection:

  •  Reflect the vision and spirit of the project

  •  Integrate well to the architecture and site

  •  Strive for the highest quality of artistic expression and standards

  •  Provide an artwork that is dynamic, facilitating excitement, curiosity, contemplation and dialogue for residents and visitors

Making it Easier for our clients

Alberta Art Installation will curate and manage all aspects of your Firm's project from the early stages through to installation and provide the final documentation upon completion. It is important to us that the artwork for your project is delivered on time and on budget.


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