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Prior to founding A.A.I., Gordon R. Johnston - a skilled fine art picture framer - built a picture framing business on Whyte Avenue in 1989. Constructing, designing, milling and hand-finishing bespoke frames for a variety of clientelle and an equal variety of mediums  earned Gordon and his frame shop many wonderful accolades. Gordon's dealings with Artists, Architects, Designers, Galleries and Collectors warranted an equal enthusiasm in the appreciation of Art and their particular projects. This treatment to detail and commitment to projects brought attention to site-managers, curators and collectors who entrusted him with hanging and mounting the work in which he had just framed. Gordon's trained eye, his honed skills , his great care for the work and its final placement built  A.A.I. 's reputation for confident arrangements and the proper installations for many Private Corporations, Government Institutions and Private Collectors in Alberta. 

that's Gordon R. Johnston behind that Magritte


Studio -

by appointment only


13516 - eighty-first avenue

Edmonton, Alberta. T5R 3N5


  Tel     780 489 0134

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