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Our Services Include

  • Art Installation + Hanging

  • Collection Layout and Design

  • Arrangement of Family Photos + Memorabillia

  • Tapestries

  • Mirror Installation

  • Sculpture Installation and Transportation

  • Custom Plinth Construction and Installation

  • Serving the greater Edmonton + Calgary area.

This Mirror is heavy.....we should call someone.


Alberta Art Installations caters to a clientele looking to display their artwork professionally and safely. We work with you in your house, apartment, or office taking all considerations and concerns into account including aspects you may not have thought of, like;  scale, lighting, sun exposure, traffic patterns, balance, children and pets. We work to create the ultimate display solution for your art.


We work on projects of every size and medium. We excel at unusual challenges - hanging large, heavy artwork, high installation ( sometimes including scaffolding ), valuable art work or anything else with which you'd like professional help or assistance with.


Contact us for a Quotation on your project.


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