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Commissioning Artwork With Us - AAI


Drawing blanks?


Did you know that our Art Consultation Team at AAI work with Artists + Designers on commissions for specific site projects? Ask or inquire from one of our team members.


Read on to learn more about the process ( the 'small print' in not so small print )


1) We work collaboratively with the collector, company, organization + firm alongside with the artist(s) and / or designer(s) to agree on: medium, price, dimensions, subject matter, color scheme and a timeline for completing the work (typically 3-5 weeks).

2) Prior to the artist beginning work, we collect 50% of payment from the collector so that we know the collector is serious.

3) We ask the artist for images showing the work in-progress, which the collector reviews and approves. 

4) Once the work has been completed, the collector approves the final image. 

5) AAI then collects the final payment, plus the cost of shipping [ Artist to AAI ] from the collector. 

6) Per our usual payout schedule, the artist is able to request a payout 7 days after the work has been safely delivered to the collector. 

We have worked with artists on many commissions, and it’s a great way to enable collectors and interior designers to acquire works they love. With good communication on all sides, and if the artist creates a work that fits the specifications originally agreed upon, the process is smooth and beneficial to both artists and collectors!


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