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Art move by AAI; it must be the end of August

This Alexander Girard being properly prepped for move-out

The end of August always brings two things - moving and Fall renovations.

Both equations can add anxiety, especially when an Art Collection is added into the fold.

Kenton making notes for the Condition Report prior to the works being wrapped, packaged and labelled prior to being placed in the Transport truck.
Condition Reporting: Original Frank Lloyd Wright | Johnson Wax Headquarters' Chair

Art Care and Art management - for moves or ( in some cases ) preparing for renovations - are necessary for Collectors. We get the art out in a timely and organized way without compromising safety and care for your art. We provide expertise, muscle, reporting, documentation, transit frames, crates, care , white glove packing, transport and (if necessary ) safe, dry and secure Art Storage.

Our climate controlled Art Storage facility is dry, secure and can be accessed 24/7. It is equipped with an alarm, CCTV cameras with access code and key. So if your move-in dates are delayed, there is no need to worry, your artwork will be safely stored waiting for the new digs to open up.

Each work is examined, measured, catalogued and inventoried prior to being wrapped and carefully stored
Condition Reporting + Cataloguing a Collection for Toronto Dominion Canada Trust

Each work is examined, documented, catalogued, inventoried and noted in our Condition Report - providing accurate and current information of each work from the time the item leaves our gaze and care.

Each work is examined and protected prior to it being moved into storage - on or off-site.
Joesph Beuys Felt Blankets cover up the last of the Collection before Renos begin

We protect each work with our Joesph Beuys Felt Blankets, poly-foam, bubble wrap and lots of 'Zippy-wrap' before the work is labelled and checked-off as it makes it way to the Transport Truck.

When the work arrives in their new digs, the work should be in the same condition as when it left our hands the first time we handled it; if not we have a record of condition as well photographs to double check facts.

We even help you move in, sorting and arranging your work and collection as you un-pack, organize and sort out your new space and life.

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