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Vitrine Casework beginnings...

All Finishing details for our honoured short-listed design of a Vitrine casework submission - housing two 17th Century religious statues.

It's no secret that many people have a love for collecting things, and that many who do, want their collections displayed in a very specific way.

Haida Gwaii Argillite Carving Collection of Dr. Roland Haryett

We design and fabricate Vitrine caseworks - here in-house at our Studio in Lower Laurier.

Most team members are award winning craftspeople / furniture makers, blended with ex-cabinet builders; so things really couldn't dovetail nicely for us and for our clients.

It's all apart of our offering for a tailored collection management service. Whether you're a small private collector to a larger corporate collection, we have the capacity and know-how on assisting and building something beautiful for you and your art piece.

We are mindful of proportions, scale, colour, species, surfaces and where the client would like to present the work. Although protecting the objects against dust, harmful uv rays and unwarranted handling is usually the first call to action from collectors, we are also collaborative with ensuring the work is displayed correctly with careful planning and articulate design work.

Free floating on a walnut ground, the paddle is suspended and held in place by two hand carved holders - commissioned for our in-house team member Kenton Jeske.
Ipad rendering of a Nuu-Chad-Nulth Paddle - from Yellow Cedar - by carving Artist Joslyn Williams.

Our in-house craftspeople are all trained in the Fine Arts, and almost all are artists themselves, so understanding the make-up of objects and preparing for presentation comes instinctually.

Leadtimes vary depending on the design, but once its completed by our craftspeople, you'll be amazed at the results.

Quality work and beautiful solutions by skilled artists and craftspeople at AAI can literally transform artwork and an interior design.

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