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Picture Hanging in a grouping
Edmonton's Leading Picture Hanging, Art Placement + Art Installation Service


a.a.i. is Edmonton's leading art placement and picture hanging service. With two decades of experience, we bring expertise and professionalism to the installation of all types of art.  a.a.i. art handlers work with a wide range of clients, inlcuding corporations, retail, art galleries, top designers and private residences.

Our goal is simple; to provide the optimal placement solution, a secure installation and the best experience for our client - every time.

We Curate, Arrange and Install your Collection
Collections are an expression of your personality, interests and experiences. Let us showcase you and your Art.
David Hockney, iPad Print
All on iPad, a.a.i., Gordon R. Johnston
Scaffolding services available for those hard to reach areas in your residence or office. Alberta Art Installation
Insightful Placement


Each member of our staff has a visual arts background. We bring design awareness and an ability to create arrangements of objects that complement other elements in an environment, such as furniture and lighting. We have experience with paintings, prints, mirrors, photographs, posters, drawings, sculptures and family photo collections.

Alberta Art Installation, Interior, private residence, Gordon R. Johnston

It's an exact science and fine art at Albert Art Installation. We offer comprehensive art placement and installation services

Meticulous Installation


Our installation techniques provide the highest level of stability and safety for valuable and ofter fragile works. We have extensive experience securely hanging the most challenging installations.  We can meet your needs, whether it's one piece or one-hundred pieces.

Call us at 780.489.0134 or email us 

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